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Lindenhurst Veterinary Hospital is a Full Service Animal Hospital. Our experienced, fully equipped, Radiology Department provides complete radiological services for Cats, Dogs and other Small Mammals.

A New York State
Veterinary Medical Society
accredited hospital.

Lindenhurst Veterinary Hospital is equipped to perform radiographs of regional parts of the body, and we have a separate X ray machine for taking dental films and detailed pictures of extremities. Radiographs can be processed and read within minutes and Dr. Cummins attends a monthly radiology seminar at Long Island Veterinary Specialists, where films can be reviewed by a board-certified radiologist.

Lindenhurst Veterinary Hospital is proud to announce its acquisition of the latest in DR direct capture digital radiology. This technology gives instant results to allow diagnosis before the patient gets off the table, eliminating the need for retakes and allowing multiple angle views to be taken one after the other. It captures extremely clear images on a computer that can be magnified and enhanced by the click of a mouse. Images can be reversed and contrast varied to help with their interpretation. The radiographs can be burnt onto a disk for the owners to keep, and they can be forwarded electronically to a board-certified radiologist for rapid review and consultation when necessary.

Most radiographs can be performed within the time span of an office visit with little in the way of prior preparation. However, certain types of study, such as skull X rays, require general anesthesia and have to be scheduled appropriately. Dental X rays, of course, are taken under general anesthesia immediately before (& after) the dentistry is performed. Our dental xray unit is also digital, for maximal clarity and efficiency.  Contrast studies, such as a Barium series, require multiple X rays spaced out over several hours, and so require the patient to be admitted for the day.

Hip X rays

Dogs of large breeds are susceptible to a hereditary condition known as Hip Dysplasia, which can lead to debilitating arthritis. It is strongly recommended, before mating dogs of susceptible breeds, that the dam and sire be evaluated radiographically, to ensure that their hips are of good or excellent conformation. This can be done by a certification board known as “OFA”, but dogs must be 2 years of age to be officially certified. To take OFA Hip X rays, dogs must be anesthetized, so that their positioning is perfect. Therefore, they must be admitted for the day. It is also advisable to take hip X rays of large breed dogs when they are being neutered, since they will be under anesthetic anyway. This enables us to tell if the dog will be prone to hip problems. If so, then its diet and exercise level can be modified to minimize the severity of its development.

PennHip is an alternative technique for certifying dogs’ hips for breeding. It is also an anesthetic procedure, but it must be performed at a specialty center. It has the advantage of being more accurate, and can be done from as early as 6 months of age. If you are interested in obtaining a PennHip certificate, Dr. Cummins can provide the necessary referral.