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It is not uncommon for pets to escape from their yard, run away, and get lost. Often, a neighbor will find the wanderer, or it will end up at the pound. If it is wearing a collar and name tag, even a current rabies tag, it will be fairly easy to reunite it with its anxious owner. But collars and tags frequently come off during the pet’s odyssey. Published statistics suggest that getting lost is the number one cause of death in pets, and that one in three pets goes missing during its lifetime. Without ID, 90% of pets never return home.

Homeagain Microchips

A microchip is more reliable than a collar and tag because it will never fall off. At Lindenhurst Veterinary Hospital, we implant HomeAgain brand microchips. The procedure takes just a minute, and is just like an injection, only with a bigger needle. It doesn’t hurt and no anesthesia is necessary. After the microchip is implanted, you enroll your pet’s ID code and contact information on- line or mailing in the paperwork form. Enrolling makes it possible for the microchip to be traced, and your pet is not protected until it is registered. There is a small one- time registration fee and a small annual fee to participate in the Lost Pet Recovery Network. After registration, you will be able to complete a pet profile, upload a photo, enter vital medical information and any alternate contacts by going to the website.

If your pet is lost, what happens?

If your pet is found and taken to a shelter or an animal hospital, the staff will scan the microchip, contact the registry, learn who the pet belongs to, and how to contact you. Arrangements can then be made to return your pet! HomeAgain also provides an active recovery network for lost pets. As soon as you realize the pet is missing, call HomeAgain to report the loss. Dedicated Recovery Specialists will send real- time lost pet alerts to HomeAgain veterinarians, shelters, and pet rescuers in the area. Local volunteer PetRescuers are notified to be on the lookout for your pet. Using the website, you may create personalized Lost Pet Posters to post in the neighborhood, and you get a list of local shelters to contact. There is a 24/7 Emergency Medical Hotline to obtain assistance from licensed ASPCA veterinarians should your pet be found with injuries or medical issues. Travel assistance: HomeAgain will cover up to $500 in pet airfare to unite you with your pet if it is found over 500 miles away.

HomeAgain recovers 10,000 lost pets each month! With HomeAgain, over 600,000 lost pets have been returned home! For more information, visit the HomeAgain website.