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Blood Testing

Lindenhurst Veterinary Hospital is equipped with its own laboratory facility. We can perform in-house blood tests and have the results before the end of your appointment. We also read fecal samples to check for parasites and have easy-to-use snap tests that quickly give us the results to your pet’s Lyme Disease, Giardia, Heartworm Disease, Leukemia and FIV status.

As dogs and cats grow to middle age, we recommend yearly chemistry screening to ensure that internal illness aren’t ‘creeping up’ without our noticing. With early detection of chronic liver, thyroid or kidney disease, we can start a program of special foods, supplements and medicines to help reduce the damage and improve their quality of life- time span.

Ideally, cats over the age of 10 should have a yearly blood screening test for heart muscle disease. This is estimated to affect 15% of cats. There may be no symptoms at all until they suddenly go into failure. Early warning can enable us to reduce the stress load on the heart.

Dogs on Long Island should have a heartworm blood test yearly. Our in-house test also checks for Lyme, and other tick borne diseases.

Lindenhurst Veterinary Hospital is pleased to announce the acquisition of the latest technology in diagnostic lab equipment.  The new Idexx Sediview analyzer means that we can do the urinalysis in house, with results in 3 minutes, while you wait.  More importantly, testing while the sample is still fresh improves the accuracy of the result.  The urinalysis is considered to be one of the most important tests to run on a twice yearly basis.  Remember to bring in a specimen so that we can include it in your pet’s regular exam!